Have Curlers Always Been Good Looking?

Not what I remember from my 8th grade trip to the Buhl Curling Club, anyway.

Alright, I don’t want to get into it, because at this point there’s plenty out there and who really has the time, but one quick word on the Olympics…

For me, you could put the below three-minute Mary Carillo badminton rant from 2004, add a little Jason Brown skating from this year (that event is concluding tonight, btw — teaser here), put those ten minutes on loop, and you’d be better off than you are with NBC’s actual 2014 coverage. Could we watch an uninterrupted series of athletes in one event without cutting randomly to some pre-taped thing you’re not interested in, or, for that matter, more commercials? And why are so many athletes good looking? I mean, good looking people are great, but it seems a bit suspect. (Incidentally, I got a Procter & Gamble-sponsored tweet from an athlete the other day. Are we just doing stuff like that now?) And why, Comcast and friends, can’t I watch a single minute of hockey on the main network? Or video highlights online? I’m not paying you for cable. (Okay, that might be more of a personal thing. But seriously, hockey or not, get one of these for thirty bucks and cancel cable entirely. Comcast is shady, and the HDTV digital antennae is a cost-efficient option for scaling way back.)

Due respect to the athletes — including the non-suspiciously-hot ones — but for me NBC’s 2014 Olympic coverage has felt like 10% compelling moments, 90% corporate gross-fest. Anyway, this video from 2004 is a superb antidote. Completely hilarious.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 11.54.28 AM

Mary Carillo on Badminton