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  1. Hi JT,

    Your blog looks great! I will linger longer when I next come up for air.

    Thanks for liking/following the articles on Snoopman News. We have had 1,113,000 visits to our WordPress site since we published “Clipping Queen Bee’s Wings: Lorde’s real Grammy speech suppressed” on February 6. The story and ‘Full Transcript’ went viral via Facebook.

    In the meantime, you might like to read, laugh, get mad, ‘Like’ and RE-POST this PDF – “Lorde Censored: The Queen Bee’s Suppressed Grammy Speech”

    The “Lorde Censored” PDF contains:
    – Grammy Speech Censored: Front-page news in New Zealand
    – Lorde’s censored handwritten Grammy speech
    – Full Transcript (with citations) of Lorde’s speech.

    And see also the feature story:
    “Royal Pencil in Print: Lorde’s suppressed Grammy speech makes front-page news in far-flung New Zealand”

    Many thanks and enjoy,

    Facebook: Snoopman News
    The revolution in your mind will not be televised!

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