One snowy morning in January, 2013, I was on about something or other on social media, and I thought, maybe there’s a better place for this. Why the Attitude was born.

My first post is here, and it still presents a fair picture of my initial motivation. I posted a bit of a retrospective and re-launch in 2020; that’s here. Thank you for reading.

— JT —

JT Bound

Why the Attitude is published by JT Haines. JT grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range (Mt. Iron) before moving to Rosemount, MN at thirteen. He went to Northwestern University and UVA Law, and then lived in Minneapolis and Saint Paul from 2000-2015. He moved to Duluth in 2015 to work as a Union Rep and Organizer, and now is the Northern Minnesota Advocate for the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. Previously, JT was a lawyer with St. Paul-based transparency watchdog Public Record Media, and before that with the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney. JT produces films with Northland Films (makers of the documentaries Pond Hockey and Gold Fever).

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