Target Corp Not Making Many Friends; 15Now Rally Tuesday

Feb 28 Workers Rights Forum, photo credit @BlongStPaul/@GreenActionMN

Feb 28 Workers Rights Forum, photo credit @BlongStPaul/@GreenActionMN

By JT Haines — March 1, 2015

In case you haven’t noticed, Minnesota-based Target Corp hasn’t been making a lot of friends lately. Among the headlines in just the last few months are: the debacle in Canada and resulting closing of 133 new stores, rescinded employment offers detailed in January in CityPages, and the February layoffs of 550 employees at HQ (disclosure: at least two of which are friends of mine).

Meanwhile, Target is paying its new CEO massive amounts of money (including a scheduled $5.8 million due this month), and is so far refusing to raise minimum wages at the company, despite wage raise announcements from companies including Wal-Mart (MPR).

All this is context for Target’s next battle, which is about to be brought to its doorstep. 15Now Minnesota — part of the 15Now national group working to raise the minimum wage to at least $15/hour — is organizing a “Picket and Rally” at Target HQ on Nicollet Ave this Tuesday at 4:30, demanding a raise in Target minimum wages. The organizers’ full description of the event is below.

A “Workers Rights Forum” on Saturday at Neighborhoods Organizing for Change in Minneapolis — which took up issues including #15Now, fair scheduling and others — was attended by City Councilperson Cam Gordon (who is publicly supporting #15forMPLS), as well as representatives from 15Now Minnesota, CTUL, Working America, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis, GreenActionMN, Socialist Alternative, OUR Walmart, and others, indicating growing interest in the #15forMPLS and Target campaigns. (Disclosure: I am a member of @GreenActionMN, and supporter of the #15Now campaign.)

Seattle and San Francisco have both passed $15/hour minimum wages. 15Now would like Minneapolis to be next. Tuesday’s rally at Target in Minneapolis is open to the public.



Last week Walmart announced it would raise base wages to $10/hour, following years strikes and protests. This is still a far cry from a living wage, but it shows workers have power when we organize.

But Target CEO Brian Cornell, who will take home nearly $6 million this year, responded saying he won’t raise Target workers’ wages, not even to Walmart levels!

Workers across the country are demanding $15/hour and union rights. Let’s bring the fight to Target headquarters this Tuesday. And if Target refuses to act, 15 Now is calling on cities and states to raise the minimum wage to $15, starting right here in Minneapolis. Join 15 Now to demand Target and Minneapolis City Hall show leadership to end poverty pay in our communities!

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