On Mayor Hodges’ Pointergate Statement

by JT Haines, November 14, 2014

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has been thrust in to the cops/community conversation with the, fairly incredible, #pointergate fiasco. Fortunately for us, she’s answering the call.

The first-year Mayor issued a statement yesterday on her website at http://mayorhodges.com/. Bottom line, it is excellent, and I highly recommend giving it a read. Pretty solid stuff from a major-city mayor, particularly in comparison to some of the, shall we say, less authentic stuff we’ve seen elsewhere in recent history.

The statement does stop a bit short of departing from the “good apple/bad apple” narrative for more systems analysis — which I think would be an appropriate next step in the conversation. Fortunately, others (most notably mnnoc.org) are doing a nice job adding context.

And given that the head of the federation of her MPLS Police Department is saying appalling things like “Is she on the side of the cops or the gangs?” (oh, good grief), I think we give an overall thumbs up here, and say — Thank you, Mayor, for your leadership on behalf of the community.

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