Waking up in 2013

In the category of “not an original thought by any stretch, but definitely a weird thing to think about,” here’s a thought exercise:

Imagine you went to sleep in 1980 or so (just to pick a date), and then wake up today and learn everything about the last 33 years in one fell swoop — in particular the clear and present realities of climate change, as discussed in this alternet piece.

You are starting fresh, with a clean slate of priorities and responsibilities. And you learn, for example, about Sandy, Katrina, Boulder, the polar ice cap, and Tohoku in Japan, and that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts “significant changes in water availability for human consumption, agriculture and energy generation” in Latin America  (as reported by NASA).

What would that feel like?

Bet a nickel you’d be right fired up.

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